The Chemical Drones

Pankaj is writing Children & Young Adult books with Preeta Chandran by pen name— HASHWRITE

Author: Hashwrite (Pankaj Kumar Saxena and Preeta Chandran)
Author: Preeta Chandran

Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 9781646785742
Format: Paperback

BOOOM! BANGGG! BOOOM! When a mischief lands Grade IV at the WonderWiz school in trouble, the Chemical Drones must save the day. Of course, it cannot be done in haste and without a plan. All of Grade IV comes together to hatch a plan.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride—ups and downs, fun, surprises and little miracles. Meet the Chemical Drones on their adventures. Explore WonderWiz and have fun at the Blitz. Find out if the Chemical Drones really save the day.

The Chemical Drones
The Chemical Drones

Review Blurbs for the Book

“The Chemical Drones is a charming and relevant story that will appeal to kids of all cultures.  It’s fun, but at the same time, teaches some important lessons about respect, getting along with people, and doing the right thing!   (The voice of) Siri gives it a thumbs up!!”

Susan Bennett, Speaker and the original voice of Apple's Siri

“A modern day, new-age story with a combination of illustration and text which makes it appealing to the young readers. It kind of occupies a space between Diaries of a Wimpy Kid and the evergreen Famous Five that we grew up reading. The characters are relatable and the book has the potential to evolve into a series of adventures by ‘The Chemical Drones’.”

Sona Mazumdar, Chief Partnership office, KidZania India

Contemporary and futuristic; The Chemical Drones will surely blow you away!

Rajiv Chilaka, Creator of Chhota Bheem, CEO – Green Gold Animations

The Painted Verse

Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena
Author: Preeta Chandran

Publisher: Bibliophile South Asia
ISBN: 978-93-82337-08-9
Foreword by: Mr. Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General for India

"The Painted Verse", as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of poetry and painting, two different, yet complementary arts. Each composition in this book is enriched by the coming together of these powerful mediums of expression. The poet and the painter weave a rich fabric of colours and words, inspired by nature and its beauty, love, pain, joy, and the innermost feelings of humankind. The book comprises 50 compositions. While in many of them, the poem inspired the painting, in several others, the painting inspired the poem. A treat to the eyes and the soul alike, the Painted Verse is a journey through the realms of the known and the unknown, as perceived by two artists.

"The Painted Verse" at Poetry and Painting show of Poet Preeta and Pankaj at Gallery MP TresArt, Canada


  • India Book of records.
  • Wonderbook of records.
  • Awarded by Human Resource Protection and Social Welfare Development by Minister of State- Textiles, Shri Santosh K Gangwar at this art and culture event held at Bharat Seva Trust, India.
  • Received Honorary Doctorate from the World Records University, for his book, "The Painted Verse", finding a place in The India Book of Records for being a unique book on fusion of art and poetry .
  • Record holder with the India Book of Records for unique book "The Painted Verse".
  • Record holder with the "Wonderbook of Records".
  • Awarded by the Human Resource Protection and Social Welfare Development, India, for contribution to Art & Literature.

The Portrait of a Verse Micropoetry & Paintings

Artist: Pankaj Kumar Saxena
Author: Preeta Chandran

Publisher: Promilla / Bibliophile South Asia
ISBN: 978-93-82337-38-6

"The Portrait of a Verse", is the second book by fusionists Preeta Chandran (writer) and Pankaj Kumar Saxena (artist). The book comprises 50 compositions, each composition an amalgamation of Micropoetry and paintings that blend seamlessly to create powerful expressions.

Publication, Foreword, and Reviews

The book has been published by Bibliophile South Asia, and has won rave reviews from Indian and International authors and artists alike, Mr. Keki N Daruwalla, Mr. Uday Mahurkar, Ms. Kota Neelima,, Ms. Patricia Prime, Ms. Celine Pellerin, to name a few. The Foreword for the book has been written by Mr. Keki N Daruwalla, reputed writer and poet and Padma Shri award winner.

Acclaim for The Portrait of a Verse

  • Fusion, whether it is of two forms of music or of two arts, is an ultimate form of creation. It’s woven around a thread whose ultimate upshot is bonding. Bonding has a special meaning in a world that is tearing apart. Showing wonderful understanding in ‘The Portrait of a Verse‘, Preeta Chandran and Pankaj Kumar Saxena have attempted fusion of the two different yet complementary arts – literature and sketch work. Moving verses by Preeta have been depicted by Pankaj in beautiful, flowing sketches. A must buy for creative minds.

    – Uday Mahurkar, Author of ‘Marching with a Billion: Analysing Narendra Modi Government at Midterm’, Deputy Editor, India Today

  • Every heart is a book of memory. It is not for everyone to read, because it is not in everyone’s language. It must to be imagined, every word is also a picture, and every picture is also a place, a person, the known, and the unknown. The ‘Portrait of a Verse’ delicately connects the fragile lines of memory with the to create a stunning world that is personal, yet universal, particular yet transcendental. Preeta Chandran’s sparkling poetry and Pankaj K. Saxena’s evocative sketches make this book an exceptionally memorable journey through the pages of every heart that remembers.

    – Kota Neelima, Author of the bestselling ‘Shoes of the Dead’ and other books

  • "The Portrait of the Verse" is a plush book that one will want to flip through and relish over and over again.

    – Niladri Paul, Contemporary Artist, INDIA

  • "The Portrait of a Verse" by Preeta Chandran and illustrated by Pankaj Kumar Saxena is a beautiful blend of Poetry and Art. Preeta's Poem is an insight into reality and Pankaj has appropriately translated into artworks. The Poem is very artistic and the Illustrations are very lyrical and poetic.

    – Kanchan Chander, Fine Artist, INDIA

  • I really liked the reflective, serene sense of painting and prose that forms the essence of this book. It made me pause, as I'm sure it will others, with a sense of wonder at how hope springs eternal in our minds, body and soul.

    –Tulika Bhatnagar, Journalist, BBC World Service

  • The poet and the artist create a world where two forms of art just blend beautifully, flow so effortlessly and create a definitive fusion. A book that's a must have in any art or poetry lover's collection.

    – Pratul Dash, Fine Artist, INDIA

  • The perfect balance and amalgam of two hearthinking talents makes of this book a reference of art vision and of the incredible power of universal art language.

    – Céline Pellerin Visual Artist, Québec, Canada

  • Pankaj, you and Preeta have created a visual and poetic art that pleasures the mind and spirit. Wonderful works!

    – Janet Poirier, Gorham,New Hampshire, USA

Painting's and illustrations as book covers